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Price: $5.95

54 inch x 120 inch White Banquet Tablecloth

This size linen is used for standard 8 foot tables.


Price: $8.00

72 inch x 120 inch White Tablecloth

This size linen can be used when you want the front of the tableclothe to go to the floor.


Price: $5.00

72 inch x 72 White Tablecloth


Price: $6.00

80 inch x 80 inch Tablecloth


Price: $4.50

54 inch x 90 inch


Price: $3.50

54 inch x 72 inch White Tablecloth


Price: $5.95

90 inch Round White Tablecloth

For use with our 60" round tables.


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Price: $12.00

120 inch Round White Linen

This size is used on the round table when you want the linen to go to the floor.  This size linen is also great to cover the cruiser tables. 


Price: $14.00

120 inch Round Black Tablecloth


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Price: $3.00

54 inch x 54 inch Overlay

Overlays come in many colours.  Place overlays over top a white or black tableclothe to give colour to your reception.
1.ivory 2.chocolate brown 3.forest green 5.grey 7.peach 9.dark purple 11.dusty rose 12.royal blue 13.teal.
Also available are burgundy, black, fuschia (napkins only), yellow, violet (napkins only) and aubergine.


Price: $0.50

Clothe Napkins

Clothe napkins are generally available in the same colors as overlays.


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Price: $25.00

Glitz Sequin Rectangular Tablecovers

90 x 132 inch and 90 x 156 inch Rectangular Sequin Table covers in elegant Champagne. 


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Price: $14.00

Pintuck Champagne 120 inch round linen


Price: $15.00

13 foot White Tableskirt with Clips

This size tableskirt fits the front and the sides of an 8 foot table.


Price: $25.00

21' White Tablesirt with Clips

This size skirt fits the front of 2 tables and the 2 sides.


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Price: $11.00

Black Spandex Cruiser Table Cover


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Price: $11.00

White Spandex Cruiser Table Cover